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Brand Pictif

PICTIF -Pictorial Motif-  is a new brand founded by Gallery G-77 in 2022 in Kyoto specialisingt in luxury accessories. Art and fashion have always been inextricably liked, but we go a step further. We collaborate with selected artists to adapt and incorporate their work in exclusive fashion products.


For our accessory collection we have transferred contemporary art to silk fabrics and created a stunning range of unique, high quality scarves.

The concept of each piece in the collection is based on the current work of a particular artist. Close cooperation with each artist allows us to fully interpret and express the ideas of their work, resulting in a unique scarf that is both very personal and intimate.

Like any work of art, they develop personal meaning and value for each owner, and the possibility to wear them however they want is a unique opportunity for self expression.


Pictif creates the scarves in Japan from high quality 100% pure silk fabric. The designs are applied using a sustainable high precision printing technique, and the edge rolls are hand-stitched. Each design is produced as a fixed quantity limited edition.

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