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Hiroko Shiina
Shop Premier  Collection



We are happy to announce our premiere collection of limited edition twill silk scarves. 


The collection includes three designs based on drawings by Tokyo's Hiroko Shiina, all centered on the theme of self-discovery.

"Look inside oneself" is the most important theme in the artist's work, which is doubly relevant for fashion. What we wear is part of how we present ourselves and how we differ from each other. It allows us to express mood, character, and individuality.


Be bold, be challenging, be yourself!


The Mechanism Of My Heart

A beautiful woman is very vulnerable. She strives to protect the world of her feelings and heart. Closing it to outer emptiness, it becomes her landscape. Holding herself still to focus on keeping her spark, she overcomes the boundaries of time and space. Magical flowers, so natural and at the same time other-worldly, will never wither in her soul.

Sand Of My Thoughts

A mysterious beauty with long hair looks mischievously at us. Who is she? She’s her own image of a modern girl woven from desires and adornments. Her thoughts reach deep into the imaginary world, building her own universe from sand, grain by grain, from where she surveys reality. Her universe is her beauty, her knowledge, memory and feelings. She carefully guards her mind and the sand of her thoughts is not a barren desert, but treasures she has carefully collected.


The world of fantasy can be beautiful but also frightening. Doubts and fears make tender souls suspicious and vulnerable. They build up a protective barrier, which they enhance and decorate to be more ornate and elegant day by day, like a little bird tirelessly building its nest. This magnificent, proud, protective shield guards the vulnerable soul, simultaneously bringing her peace and expressing her essence to the outside world.